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Christian Poems

Here are some free poems on a variety of topics

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All of the following poems were written by Robert Kiser the author of

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When they came to arrest Him,
they fell to the ground

Yet in his trial,
He made not a sound.

They whipped Him and beat Him,
and pushed thorns in His head.

Little did they know,
He would rise from the dead.

His blood soaked into that wooden cross.
Little did they know,
it was they that were lost

.He stayed up there,
when He could have came down.

It was for us He wore, the thorny crown

For you and me, He died on that cross

If you do not know Him,

my friend you are lost.

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DYING TO SELF Matthew 10:38-39
I thought of the words of an Indian
as my heart was dying that day.

Now these words have struck me,
in a different sort of way

.A Jewish man said the same thing,
2,000 years ago.

And to this Jewish man,
this very life I owe.

The words of these men are deep;
though their meanings are worlds away.

If I follow the words of one; I cannot go astray.

These words I must follow,
I said to myself with a sigh.

The words are simply this,

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Simon told Mary
that her soul would be pierced.      

When you view it with the cross.
It was the understatement of the year.

Can you imagine how she felt?
His body all bloody and gory.

She's weeping at the cross;
and remembers His birth was holy            

All generations would count her blessed,
but she's in pain right then.

Her son is dying for her sins,
and the Spirit He will send.

Remember the words of Mary!
Do whatever He tells you to!!                    

Yes it is to the Lord, not Mary
That you must be true

Blessed be the womb that bore you;
the woman cried out to Him.                       

With no disrespect to Mary,
Jesus smiled and grinned.

It is to the contrary,                                    
Jesus calmly replied.

Blessed are those who hear God's word
and then His words apply.

Mary is special and dear,
and she experienced tears and pain,

but Jesus is the Lord,
and I will call upon His name.

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I'll tell people about Jesus,
for the rest of my life.

Most people won't listen.
This will cause me some strife.

But for me to say nothing,
would be as if to say.

That I have nothing,
of value to say.

And that my friend,
would be a lie!

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Jesus is God?
I thought how absurd!

I was taught different,
ever since birth.

Then I was confronted,
with God’s written word.

It cut me deep,
like a two-edged sword.       

Jesus isn't God?               
I thought how absurd!

How can you argue,
with God’s written word?

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Death will come upon me soon   
I think it's time to change my tune    

If my heart’s not right with God,        
He will bury me in the sod.

I grieved the Holy Spirit today;
because from God I ran away

He warned me of discipline to come
and there is nowhere to run.

I must repent and turn to Him,
and He will forgive me of my sin

Yes I think it's time to change my tune,
or death will come upon me soon.

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Death, death where is your sting?                
I'm not afraid and I want to sing.

There's not much you can take from me,
when you think what I got in eternity.

Death, death, where is your sting?
You will come like winter,
and I will leave like spring!

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Babies are God’s special gift;
Some people tell me of what I missed

A little child I wouldn't mind,
but there is a reason to this rhyme.

I don't need a child of my own,
if my heart’s not made of stone

There are children everywhere,
with the need of love that some don't share.

I don't need a child of my own.
I need a heart not made of stone!

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They say we came from a monkey,
but they haven't got any proof!

They know it's only a theory,
but they teach it as if it was truth.

They found a man with rickets,
His bones were a little deformed.

So there was a new theory,
And Neanderthal was formed.

Man’s imagination is desperate
When he's confronted with God.

He will try to believe anything,
And bury his brains in a fog.

Creation is more scientific,
And the Bible is true.

So when confronted with the facts,
What do you think you'll do?

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Original thoughts
They can't be bought,
nor can they be sold.

Mysteries have been spoken,
since the days of old.

There are reasons to the rhymes,
like seasons to the times.

And sometimes in the poems,
you must read between the lines.

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Satan reached out his wretched hand
He smiled about his wicked plan.

He would kill the believer's faith that night;
Then he would slit his throat and take his life.       

But the believer's faith, it did not die.
Because he had God’s word deep inside.           

He stood on God’s word, he wouldn't budge
Because he loved God he spilled his blood.        

The believer knew of Satan's lie.
He knew that others’ faith had died.                    

Their faith wasn't grounded, in God’s word.
To trust emotions seems absurd.                        

But that's what they did and then they fell
They will burn with Satan deep in hell.                 

They took the mark upon their heads;                  
Their souls might just as well be dead.                

My friends I beg and plead with you,
Study to show yourselves approved.                    

Then when Satan comes with his lie
You'll have God’s word there inside.                      

Then you won't fall, and you won't budge
You'll trust in God, who spilled His blood.  

And from the dead He did arise,
And you'll be there at His side.                           

No more tears and no more pain,                         
Look at all that you will gain                       

Because from evil you did abstain.
And it was not at all in vain,

You kept God’s word deep inside
And in His word you did abide.

Yes saved by grace and not of work;
The Lord himself did all the work.

You are blessed, yes indeed —
So go on out, and plant some seeds!

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Jagged mountains,
shot out from the earth

And to a beautiful canyon,
they gave birth.

A natural trail was cut,
into a solid rock wall.

The huge trees were awesome
and ever so tall.

The river roared,
through the canyon below.

And in the sky,
was a beautiful bow.

The sunbeams danced,
as they came to the ground.

And the birds they made,
a beautiful sound.

Many have speculated,
how this came to be.

There has always been an answer,
but they refused to believe.

It's quite realistic...and not absurd
All this came about,
by God’s spoken word.                            

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My father is someone, I never thank.
For me, many a time, his heart has sank.

I never thank him, I caused him grief.
It’s about time, he’s had some relief.

My father has loved me, all my life.
And for me, he has always sacrificed.

I love him more, than he really knows.
To me he’s more wonderful, than any rainbow.

Many ways we’re alike, in many ways we’re not.
The bond between us, will never rot.

From my family, I seemed to grow apart.
Yet they hold a special place, within my heart.

Dad I want to say, before it's too late
I would like to meet you, at heaven’s gate.

I love you more, than you'll ever know.
And THANK YOU, FATHER, for loving me so.

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Plots of evil,
may rise against us.

But it is the Lord,
who will defend us.

Remember Haman?
and Mordecai?

And which of these
on the gallows died?                       

When fear of an enemy,
begins to fester

It's time to review,
again the book of Esther.

Vengeance is mine,                        
says the Lord!

So you need not,
fear man no more.

Do not fear,                                    
what man can do.

Rather fear the Lord,
like He told us to.

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The New World Translation
It is quite a funny pun.

The people who did it,
the amount of Greek they read, is none.

They couldn't read Hebrew,
Or Aramaic either.

Yet they say it is accurate
They say this to the reader.

They add words to change the context;
And they say there's no problem with that.

At least now it fits their doctrine,
Therefore it must be fact.

They got a dead-Jesus talking
While He's on the cross

And they call it a translation
Just the accuracy is lost.

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The Book of Mormon,
is a great fantasy book.

Some people think it's real,
but take another look.

It says Jesus was born in Jerusalem
in Alma 7:10

And there's no archeaology!
Ain't that a gem?

It's had 3,000 changes
In the last 200 years

It's about as consistent with their doctrine,
as a schizophrenic, I hear

It mentions horses and silk,
before they were imported.

And false prophecies by Smith
There is a great assortment.

The people who believe it,
say look at the great detail!

I say have you ever read the Hobbit?
And then their faces turn pale.

Fantasy books I like,
but if you think it's more than that

There's one thing I want to know,
have you checked out the facts?

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The Left is not Right!!

The Right is not always Right.

We have the Right to watch the Left
and the Right.

In the end it is Left up to us,

Or soon we will have no more Rights Left!


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