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Jesus God

The purpose of this site is to explain and defend basic Christian Doctrine. Common questions will be answered in the process. Questions like: Why believe in God? Is Belief in God enough? Does the Bible say Hell is real? Is the Bible true? Is Jesus God? What is Christianity?

Also in the category of Apologetics is a section on Cults, Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses  


Foundational Truths of True Christianity

Who is Jesus Christ?
The Trinity
What does it mean to be saved?
Grace verses Works
Did Jesus rise from the dead?
The return of Jesus Christ
Is the Bible the word of God?
The Doctrine of Hell
Are the beliefs in the Church today the same as what was taught in the 1st Century?
Is it important what a Church teaches?

Christian Faith


Christian Life

Why should I study the Bible & How do I go about it?
Why should a Christian be able to defend their faith?
Finding God's will for your life

Helping the Homeless

Christianity Beliefs


Special Interest

Does God exist?
Jesus verses all other religions
Isn't the story of Jonah just a big fish story?


A Defense of miracles
Do all miracles come from God?
A glimpse into the heart of God
Do babies go to heaven?
Who do you envy?
Why read the Old Testament
Are you a self centered person?


A common mistake made by nonbelievers
If that is Christianity I want no part of it!

God is on trial by mankind

My own testimony


Are Mormons Christian

Non- Christian Beliefs
Psychic's, Astrology etc.
Should a Christian be a Mason?
What is a Cult?
Jehovah Witnesses

Christian Doctrine

Life's Stories and Lessons Learned.

The Tree
The Truck
Linda and Andy the Dog's Birthday!

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